High energy rock band formed in 2010 out of the Nashville TN area by artist/songwriter Josh Honea.

The Persuaded released two independent EPs since their formation in 2010, before releasing their label debut album “Dawn Of Destruction.” 
Dawn of Destruction, the full-length debut from Nashville-based rock band, The Persuaded, released March 1, 2019. Produced by Dathon Conner.
The release features 11 tracks showcasing both clean and screamed vocals atop fiercely driving guitars.

The band’s message focuses primarily mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, self-harm, self-hate, domestic abuse, & suicide. 
In 2019 the band campaigned for positive mental health by photographing both fans & artists holding their wooden sign that read:
“You are loved
You are wanted 
You are needed 
You’re not alone.”